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Users on Social Media Platforms can now get paid per view (stream) when attaching music they've a Digital Shared Ownership in.

Music Monetization for IG, FB and TikTok Users

While only users that meet particular requirements are currently enrolled in "Pay Per View" features on IG, FB and TikTok. Everyone can get "Paid Per Stream", thanks to BuyBuy Music!

A user on Instagram, Facebook or and/or TikTok can purchase a Digital Shared Ownership in BuyBuy Music's Featured Catalog and when attaching a song to their Instagram Reels post, Instagram has to pay for every time someone hears the song in that post. Whereas it becomes a "Paid Per View" for the user (holding a Digital Shared Ownership) due to the music they attach creates a "Paid Per Stream" because it is the music that is being paid out on and not the visual content displayed in the post.

A Double Whammy for some IG, FB and TikTok Users

Users that are currently being "Paid Per View" can now get paid in two ways per view by attaching music they've a Digital Shared Ownership in. This would create a "Paid Per View" that the user would receive from the Social Media Platform and a "Paid Per Stream", that would be paid out by the Social Media Platform, collected by BuyBuy Music and distributed out to the Digital Shared Owners. TikTok pays out a bit differently by approaching their method of "paying per creation" (per use on a video).

A massive sense of community amongst DSO Holders

While each DSO (Digital Shared Ownership) holder has the ability to post videos with songs attached that they earn money per stream (or per use on TikTok) on at any time. This also means that they earn money every time anyone else (DSO holder or not) uploads a video post with a song they have a a DSO in. Under direction, DSO holders of the same song(s) can create massive revenue driven marketing campaigns by posting videos with their song(s) attached, on a particular scheduled date. By working together under the common interest that they're sharing the revenue that is paid out to DSO holders, the amount of wave potential becomes limitless.

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