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Cody Wayne Releasing The First Country Pop Song On BuyBuy Music

Northern California based Country/Pop/RnB artist known as Cody Wayne is set to break history by releasing the first Country-Pop style song on BuyBuy Music. The retail music investing platform is in its final phase of the boarding process before announcing an official release date of the song. "This is a big deal in terms of consumers being able to see that BuyBuy Music will house all genres of music", says Paul Brown (Founder of BuyBuy Music).

Currently, one residual payout has been paid to all current Digital Shared Owners of the BuyBuy Music Featured Catalog. A Catalog consisting of three songs currently, with another two releases to be added. There have been changes going on with the time frames in which some platforms payout to distribution companies and the impact will cause a 1-2 month delay on the second payout. Which still indicates a quicker turnaround time than the platform "Royal" based upon information gathered from some of their current holders. Ultimately, the concept of consumers having streaming ownership of songs, is completely brand new and it should be expected that there will be many differences between platforms offering this unique ownership that allows music consumers to make money from the streaming revenue of songs.

Cody Wayne just released his Debut Album titled "Rhythm & Country" within the last eight weeks. BuyBuy Music is extremely excited to have such a talented artist on board that can crossover within Country, Pop & RnB genres. When the official date is announced on the release of "Pretty Little Dress", a Q&A covering more about Cody Wayne and the song will be included in the publication.

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