You're purchasing a Digital Shared Ownership "DSO" in the following Master Recordings (songs):


Lets Go Way Up - itsPaulBrown

What You Like - itsPaulBrown

New Lens - Aye Tee


This Digital Shared Ownership buys  you into a shared pool of the residual earnings that accumulate and get paid out to the Recording Artist (or Record Label) for streams and digital downloads. Unlike a stock (or NFT), not only does it grant you residual earnings for life, you also play a part in how well those residual earnings perform, by being a fan of the music you have Digital Shared Ownership in. The more views, streams & downloads the songs in your catalog get, the more money the songs earn, in which you receive your shared residual income from.


IT GETS BETTER! BBM's Featured Music Catalog will continue to grow with more recordings (songs) added overtime. You will receive updates as new songs are added into the catalog, along with links to listen and share the songs as they are added. You will begin receiving residuals up to (3) months after a new song has been added.


YOU DON'T WANT TO WAIT! While the Featured Music Catalog grows, the price for it will grow with it. The quicker you buy your Digital Shared Ownership into this  Featured Music Catalog, The bigger the return on your initial investment (money) becomes.


RESIDUAL PAYOUTS: You will receive a residual payout within every 90 days. Music Streaming/Downloading & Social Media Platforms payout on different schedules. Those payouts will be collected, bundled and paid out to Digital Shared Ownership holders within every 90 days, directly from BuyBuy Music via Venmo.

BuyBuy Music Featured Catalog

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  • BuyBuy Music's Featured Music Catalog starts with (2) Songs and will grow to a minimum of (5) Songs. Pricing is subjected to increase as songs are added to implement a financial investment incentive for purchasing earlier rather than later. The current catalog consists of the following songs:

    Lets Go Way Up - itsPaulBrown

    What You Like - Paul Brown