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This is a Digital Shared Ownership "DSO" in the following Master Recording (song):


Bye Felicia - By Paul Brown




This Digital Shared Ownership includes you into a shared pool of the residual earnings that accumulate and get paid out to the Recording Artist (and/or Record Label) for streams and digital downloads. Unlike a stock (or NFT), not only does it grant you residual earnings, you also play a part in how well those residual earnings perform. By sharing the music you have Digital Shared Ownership in. The more views, streams & downloads the songs gets, the more money the song earns and that is where your shared residual income accummulates from.


RESIDUAL PAYOUTS: This is an "Introductory" freebie, in effort to get consumers familiar with owning streaming rights of songs. Unlike all other songs on BuyBuy Music, this song comes with an initial waiting period before receiving the first payout. You will receive your first residual payout within 12-24 months. Following the initial payout, you will receive (4) additional payouts within 90-120 days from each other.


Music Streaming/Downloading & Social Media Platforms payout on different schedules. Those payouts will be collected, bundled and paid out to Digital Shared Ownership holders within every 90-120 days (after the initial payout), directly from BuyBuy Music via Venmo. Only one digital shared ownership of this song can be assigned to one Venmo account. Creating more Venmo Accounts to receive more digital shared ownerships of this song, will result in a decrease in your payouts.

Paul Brown "Bye Felicia"

  • There are no returns or refunds for Digital Shared Ownership. A Transfer of Ownership feature will be coming soon. This feature will also give an opportunity for reselling your 'DSO' (Digital Shared Ownership).

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