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On-Boarding: Song Featured in Snowfall Season 5 on FX


From TV Network FX to The Music Investing Platform called BuyBuy Music, Tyran Hill's song titled "Do You Really Love Me" is making its way through 2022, in stride form. The song was produced by the late Anthony Shanks (passed away in 1996) and Co-Written with Daryl Williams of Detroit, Michigan. Its sound is an upbeat epitome of "Feel Good" music. Heavily aligning with recent trends strongly indicating that the music vibes of the 70's and 80's are running rampant in today's TV Series and Movies. With its direction for more sync placements in TV being under Music of The Sea, there is no telling what other placements this unique music piece may appear on next.

Current Digital Shared Owners of The BuyBuy Music Featured Catalog, will soon have the 4th song to the (5) song catalog. For all of us looking into the new retail music investing platform, it would appear that the direction the platform is going in relation to genre, is all directions.

This will become the second song available for Digital Shared Ownership, that already holds TV placement valuation behind it. Scheduled to debut on all music streaming and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), on the same day that it becomes available on BuyBuy Music. While the on-boarding process can take on 2-4 weeks for a new song to become available. Look out for "Do You Really Love Me" to be added into The BuyBuy Music Featured Catalog in the first or second week of May of 2022..

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